Just launched

ProStats’ official website just launched! Did we really need that? I think so! Because at least here I can put a static announcement to inform you that ProStats 1.8 doesn’t work in some servers properly and it’s not your fault (neither mine! It’s just a natural disaster! ;)). So if you are one of those guys who have a problem with v1.8, I would suggest you downgrade to 1.7.6 or just wait for 1.9. It will be released soon.

I’m trying to add some essential sections to this blog such as “Features” and “Download” pages but at the moment I can’t give you any support here. So if you are going to report a potential bug through the comments, it’d be really appreciated but then I know that you don’t expect to get a reply/feedback.

The support thread is still here: http://community.mybb.com/thread-48686.html

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2 Responses to Just launched

  1. Hugo says:

    Hey, Just thought I’d let you know that I would pay a good amount of money if you were to make the prostats have a notification for myshoutbox… In other words:

    New post is made, it posts it in prostats (like normal) but then it adds a shout to myshoutbox with the admin or a User named “Postbot” saying “{Author} has just posted in the {thread} thread” or whatever… if you’re interested in making some money from me, shoot me an email.


    • SaeedGh says:

      Hi Hugo,
      Thanks for your offer but sorry it doesn’t seem link a good idea to add such a feature to ProStats.
      Making a dedicated plugin would be much better. At the moment I’m too busy to make that but I have an idea of how it should be written.
      If it does make any senses, I’ll explain it through email (you can find my email in the “Support” page).
      Good luck.

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