ProStats 1.9.4 Released

Fixed Bugs:
– Compatibility with MyBB 1.6.5
– Compatibility with PHP 5.2

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18 Responses to ProStats 1.9.4 Released

  1. PetrM says:

    Hi SaeedGh,

    I can not find how to update your plugin. When I replace all files, deactivate and activate the plugin again, it does not change the version number in the database.
    I have to uninstall and install again. Why? It’s not always necessary for small update of plugin.

    • SaeedGh says:

      You’re right. Reinstalling this plugin can be exhausting specially when you’ve already made a huge customization. But MyBB has limitations and it makes things complicated. But I’m on it!
      BTW, the normal procedure is: Deactivate -> [upload the new files] -> Activate
      Don’t do this: [upload the new files] -> Deactivate -> Activate

  2. Ryrzy says:

    Hi, how about auto-refresh option ? it would be nice to add this 🙂

  3. MaxSteel says:

    Hi SaeedGh,

    first of all, thank you for your work! Then I would know how ca I include the plugin in a custom skin (I made a skin, but advanced statics don’t appear).

  4. boris says:

    how to download ?

  5. Miklo says:

    I just wanna thank the maker of PROSTATS, I have used all kind of Stats for forums, and almost all of them had wrong codings, and my themes got messed up! And after using Prostats I had no problems at all, and I actually tried it on 5 THEMES, which showed up in ALL 5. Right now I am using the 1.9.4 on 1.6.5, Working amazing! Very soft! I just want you to not change anything, ooo One more thing, the IMAGES did not apear in the IMAGES folder, because in my case i had to put it in my THEME folder, so if you could maybe make a NOTICE to put the IMAGES in THEME folder, if they cannot be seen! THANKS A LOT AND PLZ KEEP UP THE AMAZING JOB!

  6. George says:


    How can i correct this little issue:

    Kind regards,

  7. zaidimai says:

    When I click refresh I get loading… forever and on admin settings if I choose portal.php or showthread.php and click refresh I get “TypeError: Cannot convert ‘xml’ to object”.
    Could someone please help me with this?

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