ProStats 1.9.7 Released

How to upgrade to ProStats 1.9.7 from 1.9.6?
1) From the Admin panel close your forum.
2) Upload new ProStats files to your host.
3) Go back to your Admin panel and open the forum!

Fixed Bugs:
– Database error in FloatStats
– Issue with ampersand in topic prefix

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5 Responses to ProStats 1.9.7 Released

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOWWW nice bro you have to updated it again
    Thanks broooo

  2. Hi,
    Please insert this code to `prostats_run_ajax` function to allow other plugins to use xmlhttp hook:
    if ($mybb->input[‘action’] != “prostats_reload” || $mybb->request_method != “post”)
    return false;

    • SaeedGh says:

      I don’t see the problem with the current code. Thanks 3.9.2, for instance, uses xmlhttp hook and it seems to be working just fine with ProStats 1.9.7 installed. Could you please elaborate on the issue?

  3. Onur says:

    Latest post not seeing in my forum.

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