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Thanks 3.9.2 Released

As you might have noticed, the small cells on ProStats (aka Extra cells) can be set to show the users who have received most thanks from the community. Those thanks come from a plugin named Thanks! And that plugin wasn’t … Continue reading

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Patch 1 for ProStats 1.9.3

If you can’t get ProStats 1.9.3 to work, it’s probably because you’re using an old version of PHP (and by “old” I mean “< 5.3”). PetrM commented on previous post! Thanks to him, I patched the file and uploaded it … Continue reading

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Just launched

ProStats’ official website just launched! Did we really need that? I think so! Because at least here I can put a static announcement to inform you that ProStats 1.8 doesn’t work in some servers properly and it’s not your fault … Continue reading

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