ProStats 1.9.2 Released

Thanks to Maechlis and some other guys from an old installation issue is solved in this version.

New Features:
– “Check for update” Setting

Fixed Bugs:
– Installation bug (Thanks to Maechlis)

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ProStats 1.9.1 Released

ProStats 1.9.1 is the first stable version in 1.9 series.
Screenshots are added to “Features” page.

Key Features:
– Enhanced highlighting system
– Instant Preview in AdminCP
– Built-in FloatStats (shows number of database queries and memory usage)

Fixed Bugs:
– Highlighting bug
– Handling the stats of nonactive forums

Known Issues/Limitations:
– FloatStats and Instant Viewer don’t work in Chrome web-browser (and of course in IE!). They would work fine in Firefox 5 and Opera 11.11.
– You can not customize the highlighting feature.

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ProStats 1.9 Beta Released

A unique feature is added to this version. It’s FloatStats which uses Ajax to estimate the number of database queries and memory usage before you save your customized settings!
1.9 is a Beta version! So, It’s NOT a good idea to install it in your online forum but you can try it in your local host forums. [Download Link]

New features:
– Highlight threads with 3 different colors
– Built-in FloatStats box

Fixed bugs:
– Activate bugs in v1.8

I agree that new features are not clear enough. I would try to write a brief description about them when the stable version is done.

Your feedback helps me make it better.

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Just launched

ProStats’ official website just launched! Did we really need that? I think so! Because at least here I can put a static announcement to inform you that ProStats 1.8 doesn’t work in some servers properly and it’s not your fault (neither mine! It’s just a natural disaster! ;)). So if you are one of those guys who have a problem with v1.8, I would suggest you downgrade to 1.7.6 or just wait for 1.9. It will be released soon.

I’m trying to add some essential sections to this blog such as “Features” and “Download” pages but at the moment I can’t give you any support here. So if you are going to report a potential bug through the comments, it’d be really appreciated but then I know that you don’t expect to get a reply/feedback.

The support thread is still here:

You can subscribe to this blog using the form which is located on the right sidebar.

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