ProStats 1.9.6 Released

Thanks to the efforts of My-BB.Ir, now ProStats is compatible with MyBB 1.8! A great part of JavaScript codes is rewritten to use jQuery library integrated in MyBB 1.8. If you haven’t upgraded to MyBB 1.8 yet, you’ll need to do it before using this new version of ProStats. But don’t worry, It’s easy! 🙂 Just follow the instructions on and do not forget to make a backup of your database and files.

How to upgrade to ProStats 1.9.6 without losing customizations?
1) In your MyBB Admin control panel, open ProStats settings page and just leave this tab of your web browser there. We will use those settings as reference. This will help you keep your customizations (except for the template customizations).
2) In a new tab of your browser, go to Admin panel and close your forum.
3) Go to Plugin section and Deactivate ProStats.
4) Upload new ProStats files to your host.
5) Go to Plugin section and Activate ProStats.
6) Use the tab you opened in step 1 as a reference to apply your settings and customizations.
7) Open your forum and enjoy!

New Features:
– Compatible with MyBB 1.8
– “Top thread posters” extra cell
– Highlighting soft-deleted threads
– Selectable ignore list

Fixed Bugs:
– FloatStats is now compatible with all major browsers
– Changes in the sitting “Subject length” will be shown in Instant Preview

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7 Responses to ProStats 1.9.6 Released

  1. Dustin says:

    I have installed the latest ProStats on my forum, but I dont see anywhere… I do have it enabled.

  2. DerVVulfman says:

    Fan of the system. ^_^ But a sparce few in my forum are not, saying it takes up too much space. Meh. To appease them, I was wondering if the next release could include a spoiler-like show/hide feature. We are using a shoutbox (DVZ Shoutbox) that includes such a feature.

    • SaeedGh says:

      It’s not difficult to implement, but will not be included in the next version. If you have users who really don’t want to see the ProStats table, but they are in the minority, I wouldn’t worry about it! They can just use Greasemonkey or similar browser addons to hide the table. Otherwise, I would disable the plugin.

  3. DerVVulfman says:

    A nice plugin indeed. Been a user since version 1.8 written for MyBB 1.6 (which actually does work for MyBB 1.8. Granted, some people do not like ‘the clutter’… meh… can’t please everyone. BUT… I am wondering if it were possible to allow the prostats window to be collapsible in (mebby) the next version? I am using a shoutbox (DVZ Shoutbox) that allows you to click the header of the box and it shows/hides itself and saves its state.

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