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15 Responses to Surprises!

  1. ariel says:

    I don’t understand :¬|

  2. Breixo says:

    Thanks for your plugin, working perfectly in 1.6.9
    In case you want it, I translated it to spanish:

  3. I don’t know where to post it, so i’ll post it here, i hope thats no problem :).

    I have installed that plugin, its excillent, but many users requested that feature that they can choose the number of rows?

    Is that feature possible?
    Whould be very cool.

  4. Ahmed says:

    I love your plugin but i noticed an odd thing. On one computer in chrome it shows a BIG BLANK WHITE space.. i have it on top so.. what i see is if i inspect element is an embed of what IS this? There is also an href to your site but its not visible… On the same computer in firefox it shows JUST FINE no big white space… then on my other computer in chrome its fine… but in firefox it shows a ‘plugin not found’ and if u say add plugin cant find anything… but the prostats table works fine… so what is this hidden code??

    • SaeedGh says:

      Thank you Ahmed. That link to google docs is an essential part of Surprise feature. If you are interested in more details, you might want to take a look at the source code. Regarding the difference in rendering the page that you mentioned, I guess it must have something to do with the settings of your web browsers.

  5. Dave says:

    If you were brought to this page like I was after seeing a few ad’s blocked on the forum, to remove the “surprise”;

    Comment out (//) lines:
    // $mybb->psga[‘update_popup_link’] = ‘’;
    // $mybb->psga[‘surprise_link’] = ‘’;

    However, commenting out the [‘update_popup_link’] will mean you’ll have to manually check for updates.

    • SaeedGh says:

      If you don’t like to use those features you could go to ProStats settings and set “Check for updates” and “Surprise!” to “No”. But, if the problem is that some addons in your web-browser detect the links as advertisements, you might want to try adding those links to the whitelist (if possible). Please note that even if “Check for updates” and “Surprise!” are enabled, only privileged users (e.g. Administrators) would see the links, and consequently ads-related notifications. Regular users of your forum will never see these links.

  6. Gerriet says:

    Hello SaeedGH ;D
    I have your plugin prostats installed, but I see a black window with message, that my browser (Firefox) search a plugin for this feature. What a plugin must I installed for this ?

  7. Teun Strik says:

    Can i translate a Dutch version?

  8. Tấn Hiếu says:

    Hello, sorry my English is not good.
    I very very like your plugin but in Last post cell, not option show views avalable. I looking in to your plugin code and hack some line (sorry about that 🙂 ) and i can get it working now. I think someone like me need this option in feature version and you can do that better than me. Thank you again for awesome plugin

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