Thanks 3.9.2 Released

As you might have noticed, the small cells on ProStats (aka Extra cells) can be set to show the users who have received most thanks from the community. Those thanks come from a plugin named Thanks! And that plugin wasn’t available for MyBB 1.8 till very recently. This means that if you have already migrated to MyBB 1.8, you can download Thanks 3.9.2 from “Support” page and use it along with your ProStats.

How to upgrade
If you’re upgrading Thanks plugin from a previous version please make sure you have a backup from your database. If you’re upgrading from Thanks 3.9.1 you can safely uninstall it. You will NOT lose user’s thanks! However, do not panic if after activating the new version you realize that all thanks are vanished! This is normal! 🙂 In fact a copy of them is stored in a safe place (in a table named “thx” in your database that stays there even after you uninstalled the plugin.) So, all you’ll need to do in order to recover the thanks from the previous version is to go to Admin control panel and navigate to the the tab “Tools & Maintenance”. Then from the side menu choose “Recount thanks”. You’ll see two options that will let you restore the thanks. Be patient! If you have a big community and users have exchanged a lot of thanks, it might take a while. You can increase the counters to expedite the process, but beware of the repercussions! If you overdo this you might unwittingly put undue pressure on your server, and find yourself on the verge of suspension! :/

Special *thanks* to My-BB.Ir for improving this version of Thanks! 🙂

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