ProStats 1.9.3 Released

Fixed Bugs:
– Handling the draft posts (Thanks to Maechlis)

Known Issues/Limitations:
– Doesn’t work with PHP < 5.3 without patching.

If you can’t install it, you’ll need to read this post:

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4 Responses to ProStats 1.9.3 Released

  1. PetrM says:

    I think that minor updates could take the following steps:
    – deacivate plugin
    – upload files
    – activate plugin

    But in this case the upgrade does not change the version number. I have to uninstall the plugin and thus lose the settings.
    Your package does not contains instructions for the update.

  2. PetrM says:

    You have to have PHP 5.3, because this plugin call function “array_replace()”, which is in PHP version 5.3

    • SaeedGh says:

      I’m sorry about that Petr.
      I’ll fix it to work with older versions of PHP but for now you can simply open “inc/plugins/prostats.php” and insert this code just before the last line which contains two characters: “?>”

      if (!function_exists('array_replace'))
      function array_replace()
      $array = array();
      $n = func_num_args();
      while ($n-- > 0)
      $array += func_get_arg($n);
      return $array;

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